Christian Mulvany

Staff Engineer

Christian joined PME following his year as the Chief Engineer for Interlochen Public Radio. There he implemented uniformity at all their existing transmitter sites by installing Nautel transmitters equipped with redundant backups. He was quintessential in the execution of a 10-year proposal to build a new tower and transmitter site and relocate two existing stations. He managed to accomplish the task within his time at IPR. While upgrading the sites, and building a new one from the bottom up, he completely overhauled two live broadcast studios and two production rooms fully equipped with Axia livewire technology. 

Before working at IPR, Christian attended Columbia College of Chicago where he studied business and engineering and graduated in May of 2015. While being a full-time student he held three simultaneous positions in his field. He worked at the school’s state of the art recording studios, he managed another small boutique recording studio in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, and he worked a night shift for a nationally syndicated, old-time, radio program that aired on WIND AM 560.


Christian also has experience with network communication and short range RF transmission from his time served in the U.S Army. He was a Signal Support Systems Specialist in a Military Police Unit, where he was afforded the opportunity to deploy to Iraq as a part of OIF 09/011. During his deployment, he, and a team of two other that he managed, specialized in fixing and configuring satellite navigation and communication systems for the 70 vehicles in his unit’s fleet. Christian is an experienced systems technician who truly enjoys the new challenges that are presented in the broadcast engineering field.