Mike Weber

Mike is a broadcast engineering veteran with twenty years of experience. He started out as an assistant engineer in a mid-market radio cluster and quickly moved up to the Director of Engineering position for a three station cluster in Madison, WI. Currently he is the Chief Engineer for KSTP-AM, a Hubbard Broadcasting station in Minneapolis. Mike has been a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers since 1996 and holds several certifications including CBNT. He also has an Associate Degree in Electronics Technology.

Throughout his career Mike has specialized in studio, IT and automation systems and has extensive knowledge of all of the major manufacturers in the automation field. However working in small, midsize and large markets means he is skilled in all areas of broadcasting including transmitters, studios, networking, sound reinforcement, live event audio mixing and HD radio installations. He has worked with low and high power FM stations, directional and non-directional AM’s and in his current position with Hubbard maintains a 50 kilowatt directional AM station with a Franklin antenna as its main daytime antenna system. He has designed, installed and maintained audio-over-IP studio systems, tube and solid state transmitters and IP STL and broadcast paths.

Currently Mike works part-time for PME on special and non-conventional projects, as well as larger projects for long time PME clients. Mike truly enjoys the field of broadcasting engineering because its ever changing nature keeps him learning and engaged every day.